Solar evacuated tubes have a great advantage over the competition even if you give your solar vacuum tubes heavy usage. The higher efficiency design offers enough heat while comparing to other systems on the market. In the long run, the pool heaters will beat the competition in totally provided heat.S0lar evacuated tubes have zero operational costs and could save you thousands of dollars. If you are ready to enjoy the benefits and conveniences of the evacuated tubes solar pool heaters, contact Latitude51 Solar today.


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    Do you need modern and efficient solar vacuum tube for domestic or commercial solar water heating application in Northern climates? Latitude 51 Solar is the most reputed suppliers of Sun Rain Solar evacuated tubes that would provide maximum heat energy even if the temperature is as low as -40. Our high performing solar vacuum tubes suit perfectly to the Norther USA and the Canadian weather condition and can deliver hot water even during the cloudy and chilling winter days.

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