Getting your ID verified is one amongst the foremost necessary things if you're commercialism within the cryptocurrency world. however after you complete the method and watch for the result, this will irritate you. So, How Long Does It Take Coinbase To Verify ID? during this article, we tend to square measure getting to discuss the ID verification method and also the time taken by it for the method.
How Long Does It Take Coinbase to Verify ID?
When you square measure commercialism on the platform that has one amongst the most important traffic within the cryptocurrency world obtaining the ID verification will take time. you may even suppose that why is it taking the most time and what's the requirement for it.
Getting through the ID verification is straightforward as you have got to travel through the easy steps and you're sensitive to travel. Here we tend to square measure getting to discuss the steps for the US-based customer:
1. Install the application of the coinbase in your mobile.
2. Go to the settings where you will find an option for Identity Verification.
3. Now you have to upload the state ID or driving license proving your residency in the state.
4. After this coinbase will be asking the set of questions for the verification of your identity.
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