Getting your office design in London right can be tricky. It may be perfect when you have first initiated the business but as your business grows & staff numbers increase, your old office design can become ill-fitting. How good your workplace design is at allowing staff to work without disruption when needed? With the rising popularity of open-plan workplaces over the last few years there also has been a massive increase in noise levels with employees having no protection from laughing, talking, loud music, phone calls, and even office pets moving around. This can naturally lead to a failure to concentrate and keep the focus on specific tasks.Most of us have worked in a business environment where 10 office personnel quickly turns into 20, or 60 employees turns to 120. No doubt employee growth levels are the most positive sign for you as a business owner, but at the same time. More information contact us at 0845 625 6241.


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    Get in touch with KOVA Interiors now to talk about the different options available to you for an office design and renovation in London that enhances productivity & happiness among your employees.........

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